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How it Works

Remember great service? You will again.

Who To Call connects Calgary homeowners with quality, available home renovation professionals from plumbers to roofers, homebuilders and more. We are committed to building an honest on-line community by sharing reviews and referrals and supporting local businesses through comprehensive listing profiles that they manage. Find your perfect match while saving time and money by Posting Your Project and reaching professionals who are AVAILABLE to do your work. Hiring decisions in Calgary just got a whole lot easier!

It's easy - Here's how it works:

How it works 1
How it works 2
How it works 3
1. Search for services you need
2. Find service-minded businesses and verified reviews.
3. Post your project, hire a pro, and post a review.
What's better about Who to Call

All local - We are all about Calgary; created in Calgary, by local talent for local homeowners and businesses. We understand this marketplace and create quality content for Calgarians. All of our marketing efforts are focused right here in this great city of ours.

Complete list - Find a complete list of Calgary businesses and see who scores highly for service, without fighting through ads or pay for placement companies.

Post your project - Post your project to find businesses available to do the work. In Calgary it’s not just about who is the best but who can fulfill your request. Your confidential message gets sent to participating businesses and they respond directly to you. You choose who you would like to hire…it’s that easy and that fast.

Write a Review - share your experience with your neighbours. Help make their next hiring decision that much easier.

Neighborhood view - see reviews on businesses who have worked with your neighbours and in your community.

Valid ratings - reviews are verified, rankings are based on sound math and no advertiser can buy their way to the top.

Are you a Business Owner?

Maybe you would like more customers, or better customers or just tell people about your business. Who To Call can help your service stand out in our community. Businesses do not pay to be listed on Who To Call. It is and will always be FREE. We promise not to try and sell you $$ advertising or upgrades to your listing. Tell our community all about your bussiness-paying for this seems unfair given the goals of Who To Call. We will be offering a lead generation for businesses for which there will be a fee. You can choose to turn this feature “on or off” depending on your business workload.

Here's what you do:

  1. Search to see if you are on the Who to Call list
  2. Claim your listing so you can be the mighty editor of your profile; add photos, your logo and useful information about your business
  3. Sign up to receive leads for projects submitted by homeowners. You can turn this feature “on or off” depending on how full your schedule is.
  4. If you’re not on our list, request that we add your business.
Household Maintenance - How hard can it be?

Do I really need Who to Call to find great home services? Fair question. Here are the facts.

2% of our home's value is what homeowners are advised to invest every year in home maintenance. That's $12,000 on a $600,000 home.

4 times a year at minimum is how often we'll be looking for home services.

10 free minutes is what we'll likely have to find a roofer based on stats that Calgarians spend about an hour on housework a day with home repairs making up a fraction of that time.

171,000 search results come from Google when we search for "Calgary roofer"

Like that math? Feel free to wing it. We hope you join.

Business leads - seeking fans of service?

Do I really need to list my business on Who to Call to find great customers? Here are the facts.

50,000 new Calgary residents arrived in 2013 with more coming daily. Newcomers make easy targets for lousy service providers.

3+ review sites offer biased ratings of home services and accept reviews that anonymously bash businesses.

171,000 search results are offered up by Google when people type "Calgary plumber".

$700 per month in ads can get a business top of page profile regardless of their track record.

How can anyone build a quality reputation based on quality work? Start here, claim your business.


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Find great services & win great customers in Calgary.

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Find great services & win great customers in Calgary.


Review Guidelines for Who To Call

Thanks for pitching in. Useful reviews help homeowners and businesses in Calgary to improve service in our city.

To post a review on Who To Call you need to be a confirmed member - a real live human, 18 years or older who has agreed to the Who To Call Membership Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Reviews must be based on a personal experience with a service provider who was hired by you, and reflect accurate, reliable, truthful information. To write the review, put yourself in the position of other Who To Call members trying to pick the best business to hire. What would they like to know?

Passionate opinions are great but we ask you to focus on sharing informative reviews without comments that are offensive. Provide feedback that will help other customers and give good solid insight to businesses. We will screen out offensive or fraudulent reviews and suspend members who attempt to post them.

You cannot post a review for a company if you are an owner, own an interest in, manage, or are an employee of that company. Likewise, company owners, managers and employees are not permitted to post reviews about other companies in the same service category.

Who To Call will remove reviews found to be fraudulent or suspicious and delete the user accounts associated. That will leave just us good guys, members who are acting constructively to enhance service in Calgary.