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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Who To Call?

Who To Call is a website that makes it easy for Calgarians to find service-minded home improvement professionals from plumbers to roofers to homebuilders.  Members of Who To Call gain unlimited access to Calgary’s select listing of businesses with candid trustworthy reviews from their community, unbiased ratings and find-it-fast lookup tools.

Who To Call is a great resource for contractors-helping them find the best companies to work with too. We can all help celebrate and restore great service in Calgary!

Who Can Write A Review on Who To Call?

Members of Who To Call can post reviews. These include consumers and business owners (Review Guidelines). Here’s why- Ever been to Vegas? Then you’ve seen how people behave a little differently as fly-by visitors. We ask members to live and work in the community and provide non-anonymous reviews for more constructive and informative home service advice.

Why Is Who To Call all about Calgary?

Calgarians trust other Calgarians.

Calgary is one of the fastest growing and most affluent cities in Canada. We are unique! It has tons of homeowners seeking quality home services, and lots of businesses trying to choose good customers. There’s also the risk of service levels dropping as businesses jump in to take advantage of demand. Who To Call wants to raise service levels in Calgary. Want us in your city too - let us know.

Who Can Add a Business Listing?

If you cannot find the business you want to review, or you own a business that is missing from our directory, just submit a request to add the business. The request comes into the Who To Call team, we ensure we have accurate information and the business is added...simple as that.

Want to Add a Service to Who To Call?

We are new and very busy building this trustworthy on line community. If there is a service category that you would like us to add just let us know. We will get busy doing just that.

Who Can Edit a Business Listing?

Only business owners can edit their business listings.

Would you want Joe’s Plumbing writing your personal profile? Who To Call treats homeowners and businesses with the same respect. We encourage all members to recommend businesses to add to Who To Call. Only that business manager can edit and maintain their listing.

Why Not Make Who To Call Free Forever?

There are free lists out there. We respect that business model but we choose to be different. After the free trial period ends, members will pay a little each year to use and contribute to Who To Call which allows us to keep our information accurate and valid, our revenue model ethical, and easy for you to find home improvement specialists you can trust - no advertising or pay for placement confusion.

How is Who To Call Different?

First-Who To Call is all about Calgary. Members understand the Calgary community and enjoy sharing information with other Calgarians. We rely on members to help fund the site and businesses enjoy an environment where they are rewarded for good service, not by how much they pay to be listed. We are transparent, honest and accurate. Business owners can use this site to source their sub trades too.

How does Who To Call Prevent Fraudulent Reviews?

Every review submitted is reviewed prior to being posted and Who To Call will not post suspicious or fraudulent reviews.

We suspend members for submitting reviews that are offensive or fraudulent. Members will be warned via email about a first offence will be suspended after a second offense.

What Businesses are Listed on Who To Call?

Who To Call works towards presenting a complete list of businesses on the site. We rely on our member community to add companies and share reviews so that users can decide for themselves who they want to work with. If you’ve had a poor experience, maybe you’ve encountered a normally great business experiencing a hiccup - like a bad hire or an annoying new pricing change. Post a review to let the business know it needs to step it up and how. If several poor reviews come in, the business will get the message.

I Cannot Find What I am Looking for on Who To Call

We will be growing the site and always adding new service categories, features and businesses. Let us know what you are thinking. We would love to hear from you.

I no longer wish to be a member. Will my reviews be hidden when I depart?

We’re sorry to see you go. Your reviews will remain posted and we hope you will be back. Thanks for being part of this community.

I Want to Come Back to Who To Call – How Do I Reactivate my Memberhsip?

We’d love to have you back! We leave your profile in place in hopes you want to return. Just use the same email to re-join and we’ll connect the dots to get you going again.

We welcome your input on how we can improve. Send us your thoughts.



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Review Guidelines for Who To Call

Thanks for pitching in. Useful reviews help homeowners and businesses in Calgary to improve service in our city.

To post a review on Who To Call you need to be a confirmed member - a real live human, 18 years or older who has agreed to the Who To Call Membership Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Reviews must be based on a personal experience with a service provider who was hired by you, and reflect accurate, reliable, truthful information. To write the review, put yourself in the position of other Who To Call members trying to pick the best business to hire. What would they like to know?

Passionate opinions are great but we ask you to focus on sharing informative reviews without comments that are offensive. Provide feedback that will help other customers and give good solid insight to businesses. We will screen out offensive or fraudulent reviews and suspend members who attempt to post them.

You cannot post a review for a company if you are an owner, own an interest in, manage, or are an employee of that company. Likewise, company owners, managers and employees are not permitted to post reviews about other companies in the same service category.

Who To Call will remove reviews found to be fraudulent or suspicious and delete the user accounts associated. That will leave just us good guys, members who are acting constructively to enhance service in Calgary.