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Hansen Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.

  • 520-3208 8 Ave NE
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • T2A 7V8, Canada


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Contact: Kent Hansen
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I recently called Hansen Plumbing for an issue with our Navien System that was leaking water. When the technician came, within 5 minutes of arriving he determined that the whole system was shot and that it would all need to be replaced. Our system was exactly 5 years old. He didn't take anything apart, did not take out one tool and told me that the heat exchanger was cracked and that the motor was burnt out. I was then told that he would try and squeeze me in the next day, as I was going away for the weekend and "he felt bad". He suggested that I don't bother calling the main office as they would tell me that he was totally booked and he was the only one that worked on these units. He quoted me 6250.00 for the new one plus charged me 261.40 to tell me it needed to be replaced.
We then contacted our builder to have a second opinion as this seemed totally unreasonable to us for the age of the unit. They sent us a plumber from Pioneer 2000 and within 2.5 hours he had the unit up and running with no parts needed. A blocked line caused the heat exchanger to flood. No crack, no burnt out motor, just needed to be cleaned.
We could not believe that had we not got the second opinion, the mistake would have cost us close to 7,000.00. We feel that we were part of a scam by this particular person at Hansen and would NEVER recommend anyone use this company.


20 Dec 2015 @ 4:27pm

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